The Tax Neutral, luxury storage facilities you never heard of

High net worth individuals own over $5 trillion worth of luxury assets purely for investment, including fine art, classic cars, jewelry, vintage wine and other precious objects. Rarity shields real assets from the volatility of the markets, yet investors remain exposed to hefty tax and large upkeep bills. Import/export duties, maintenance and storage fees, exhibition costs, insurance and security can add up to 30% to the purchase price, shrinking the long-term value in real asset investments. 

There is a solution that has been around for decades, you've just never heard of them. Freeport storage facilities offer real assets protection from post acquisition costs. Because of their unique location within Free Trade Zones, Freeports offer temporary tax suspension. Assets shipped directly to a Freeport are immune from sales and transaction tax and import/export duties for the duration of their stay. 

The FTZ storage facilities cater to luxury assets, providing state of the art security, museum grade exhibition space and on staff conservatory experts. With locations in major trade hubs all over the globe, Freeports are the most convenient and cost-effective way to store real assets. 

Following the trend of globalization, luxury asset trade has grown tremendously. Freeport facilities are now critical to supporting the free flow of goods through the global market. 

So why have you never heard of these value-adding facilities? Although incredibly valuable in global trade, Freeports have historically been characterized by their elusiveness. Those who did know about the institutions kept them a secret. Until now..

For the first time, Agaport is introducing transparency and access to the global network of Freeport storage facilities. Our team of Freeport and luxury asset experts take your storage requests online, instantly search our database of global facility partners, and recommend the ideal solution. Your Freeport storage solution is just a  few clicks away. 


Joshua Pulman