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Agaport was founded on a thesis written by international finance strategists with an expertise in fine art investments and a passion for global trade. The thesis is titled Creating Local Wealth by Storing Global Wealth: Freeports as Transformative Institutions.

Freeports offer legal tax suspension, 5-star safety amenities, and a global network of logistic providers. Large institutions rely on Freeports to efficiently participate in the global art market. These institutions employ in-house logistics teams solely dedicated to sourcing and managing Free Trade Zone storage operations. 

Due to the complex nature and compliance requirements of Freeports and Free Trade Zones, small and medium sized business do not have the operational capability to unlock the full value of Freeport facilities. 

Agaport's team of logistic, international finance, and Freeport experts strategize, execute, and manage Freeport storage operations for small and medium sized businesses.

We partner with Freeports in Luxembourg, Monaco, Delaware, Singapore, Shanghai, New York, and Geneva to provide our clients with the most expansive network of Freeport storage facilities to date. 



Agaport’s team of Freeport and logistics experts are currently based between New York City and Washington D.C.


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